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What Size is Right for Me?

Garment sizing can be tricky and can change by label and type of garment.  You may traditionally be a medium, but that might not be true in all pieces.  To ensure a great fit the first time, always go by your measurements.  At the end of the description for each item we sell, you will see the measurements of the garment by each size offered as well as the measurements of our models.  Using these three pieces of information will give you the best idea on how the garment will fit for you.

Unsure on how to take your own measurements? That's okay! We've got you!

Some general guidelines

  • If possible, measure in the morning; by the end of the day, gravity has taken its toll on your body and you are not only shorter, but wider.

  • Wear your best-fitting (and ideally, supportive) undergarments when measuring. This is SO IMPORTANT!

  • If possible, have someone help you take these measurements. When your arms are relaxed at your sides instead of trying to hold up the tape measure, you’ll get a more accurate measurement.

  • Do not pull the tape measure as tight as it will go. The tape measure should fit as loosely around your body as possible without falling down.

  • Wear tight-fitting clothing such as leggings and a tank top, or just your undergarments, rather than loose-fitting or thick clothing.

The most important measurements are measuring your bust, natural waist and hips.  Here is how (pictures attributed to made-by-rae.com):

Bust: Measure at the fullest part. Write down the measurement.



For your waist, place the tape measure around the smallest part of your waist, and write this measurement down. Your natural waist is much higher than your belly button. Just know that your waist is usually not at the waistband of your pants unless they are highwaisted.   

Depending on your body shape (pear- or hourglass-shaped), your natural waist should be pretty easy to find. If you have less of a variation between your waist and hips  or carry a good deal of your weight around your waist,it may be a bit harder to locate, and may actually be larger than your hip measurement. In this case, measure between your lowest rib and the top of your hip bones.

how to measure the waist


The hip measurement can also be a bit tricky to find, because the location of the hip on the body varies from person to person. Also, the hip measurement is usually NOT at your hip bones, which are (again, usually) much higher on the body, closer to your low waist, where you might find the waistband on a pair of low-rise jeans.

how to measure your hip / made by rae

The hip measurement should be taken around the widest part of your booty, below your hip bones. This location is usually right at the crotch of your pants. Write this measurement down.



That's it! Anytime you have changes (weight gain, weight loss, new exercise plan, or any others) you want to retake them.  Remember, you make the clothes beautiful, not the other way around! The correct sizing will have you looking and feeling your very best.